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photos that represent you

The thing that shifted photography from a hobby to a passion for me is the emotion captured in photos. I love being around people & getting to know them. There is an enormous amount of diversity that people possess & it is exciting for me to learn & capture little pieces of others' lives.

The Process





Gather your Questions

One to One Video Call

Send an email. What type of photos are you looking for? It's helpful to include wedding dates if applicable.

Before booking weddings I love to video call or meet in person to talk through details and make sure we are a good fit. I want you to be 100% excited about your wedding photographer!

I want you to be comfortable enough to ask questions, even if they may seem obvious. I love educating people on what I've learned through photographing various events.




do i need to know how to pose?

For weddings: do i need to have a detailed shot list?

Pinterest has so many great ideas and helpful tips. it can be overwhelming with all of the information, especially when planning a wedding. You are in good hands and don't need to worry about detailing everything out, I love to capture all the details- big and small. I will communicate for a family shot list & schedule. If there is anything that is very special and you want to highlight always let me know & I can make sure to get that.

Whether it's for portraits, family, or couples the good news is you are not left in the dark! You do not need to know what to do, because posing is hard. I like to guide people to create natural movements and moments that represent you.



How would you describe your editing style?

how do i get the photos?

First of all, I'll admit it- I overdeliver photos because I end up loving too many shots to narrow it down. There are so many great editing styles out there, my specific style is timeless true-to-color. Each photo delivered is hand edited to have an appealing and aesthetic look that matches the whole album. I want photos to look good years from now and to age well.

The photos are delivered in high quality form on an online album. This is great because you can access it anywhere. You can download websize images (for posting on social media) and high quality images (for printing). You can also print straight from the gallery, but you are not obliged to do so (it's good quality though).



How do we find a location?

can i reach out during the wedding planning process?

WEDDING PLANNING IS HARD! And you've probably never done it before, so I'm here to help however I can. I have blogs and vendors list and can help with planning family photos, the schedule, and anything else that comes up!

Finding the right location for a photoshoot can be a tough decision. Some people already have a spot in mind and that's great! If not, you can let me know what type of location you are looking for (nature, urban, relaxed) and I can send a couple recommendations.


wedding day details